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Services - Obstetrics

Preconception Counseling

Considering having a baby? The best thing you can do for your future little one is to meet with Dr. Davis BEFORE you start trying. He will review your general health and that of your spouse/significant other, your family history, and will start you on prenatal vitamins. In addition, we have a wealth of information on getting your body and your family ready for the "blessed event".

Prenatal Care

We like to say that "by the time you have a baby, we have a baby too!" We believe in developing a close relationship with our patients, especially the pregnant ones. We encourage you to come in as soon as you think you are pregnant so we can confirm your pregnancy with lab tests or ultrasound. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have, and provide you with teaching materials and "goodies." If you have had previous pregnancy complications, or have conditions/diseases which might affect your pregnancy, Dr. Davis will be able to put you on the right track toward... a happy, healthy pregnancy!


Labor and Delivery

We ask that you call Dr. Davis directly before you go to the hospital while you are in early labor. While resident physicians may help Dr. Davis during your labor, he will be there for the big event! Whether you have a vaginal delivery, or need a cesarean section, Dr. Davis will perform the procedure that will bring your new bundle of joy into the world safely.


Look for a few visits from Dr. Davis after you've had your little one, and, we'll see you in the office 4-6 weeks after the birth. (We don't let you in the door unless you bring the baby!) And please, be sure to call at any time if you have any problem.


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